LinkedIn becomes social media of choice for North Korea's elite

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LinkedIn becomes social media of choice for North Korea's elite

North Koreans are increasingly using the LinkedIn social media site as the global internet gradually opens up to the hermit kingdom’s elite.

According to a new report by US tech company Recorded Future, LinkedIn, the professional networking site, has emerged this year as the favourite Western social media app among the privileged few North Korean families who have been trusted with internet access.

The company does not attribute a reason to the site’s newfound popularity, which cyber experts began to chart from April this year, although the report does highlight case studies of North Koreans suspected of bitcoin scams or sanctions evasion who use LinkedIn profiles to maintain an online presence.

In an interview with the Telegraph, Priscilla Moriuchi, director of strategic threat development at Recorded Future, said that even they were taken aback by the North Korean e ngagement in the site â€" although she stressed that access to the internet was limited to “an extremely small slice of the population”.

“It’s the elite who use the internet as part of their job â€" so they may well travel, and come into contact with new ideas,” she said.

“And there’s a real sophistication there. They use computers proficiently, speak multiple languages â€" we found that they were not even viewing material in Korean.”

Source: Google News North Korea | Netizen 24 North Korea

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