LETTERS: Thoughts on North Korea, Congress and free-market principles

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LETTERS: Thoughts on North Korea, Congress and free-market principles

Many lives at stake

As a longtime advocate for peaceful and nonviolent resolutions to disputes between people, groups and nations, I feel compelled to comment about developments between our nation and North Korea. A recent news story in the Waco Tribune-Herald (Oct. 3) reported that North Korea has in its arsenal between 20 and 60 nuclear weapons. Other news sources suggest more such weapons are on the way, with North Korea showing little or no effort to stop its nuclear weapons development programs.

Many Americans are unaware that there are two important bills before Congress that will help prevent an unnecessary catastrophic war with North Korea: HR 4837, the “No Unconstitutional Strike against North Korea Act,” and S 2047, the “Preventing Preemptive War in North Korea Act of 2017.” Both bills emphasize the fact that only Congress, not the president, has the cons titutional authority to declare war.

Whether we’re Republican, Democrat or independent voters, most agree that a war, nuclear or conventional, would be devastating and tragic. Loss of life in a conventional war could reach hundreds of thousands and, conceivably, millions in a nuclear war. Please consider contacting Rep. Bill Flores in support of HR 4837 and both Sens. John Cornyn and Ted Cruz in support of S 2047. Many lives are at stake.

Skip Londos, Waco

Remember tax cuts!

America was founded on the ideals of individual choice and free-market capitalism. But these founding principles may seem foreign in the modern era as a tsunami of new government policy proposals â€" such as Medicare for All, free college tuition and tight government control over industry â€" continue to flow out of the mouths of politicians and talking heads in the mainstream media.

Unsurprisingly, these heavy-handed government endeavors that put cont rol over choice are unpopular among Americans. According to recent polling data from the Job Creators Network and ScottRasmussen.com, a vast majority of Americans â€" regardless of political alignment â€" favor free markets and individual choice over a larger role played by the federal government.

These preferences are embodied in a number of recent legislative pursuits. Last year’s Tax Cuts and Jobs Act has allowed millions of Americans and small businesses to decide for themselves on how to best spend their own money. And ongoing efforts by the Trump administration to cut government red tape are further freeing businesses from the shackles of Uncle Sam.

Americans prefer policies that advance individual choice and free-market principles over government intrusion. These inclinations should be remembered come election day.

Joseph Semprevivo,

Sabastian, Fla.

Source: Google News North Korea | Netizen 24 North Korea

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